Miss to Mrs

Amber and I have been friends since elementary school. It’s been said that if a friendship lasts 7 years then it will last a lifetime. Well I have found a lifelong friend in her (and her twin sister). Even if life gets in the way and we don’t get to talk to each other for months, when we do it feels as if no time has passed at all. We’ve seen each other at our darkest and still support and love each other. These kinds of friendships are my favorite.

         Halloween 2010                BFF Snow

I guess it is typical among lifelong girl friends to take a guess at who will get married first. Secretly, I always hoped it was me (I was the oldest of the group) but given history I figured it would be Amber. Though it turned out her twin sister would be the first to tie the knot, I came in third. Nearly every serious boyfriend she has had, since the very first, has wanted to put a ring on her finger and be the one to change her name forever. I never noticed until recently she always explained those relationships one-sided….”He wants to get married.” I didn’t pay it no mind until Ty. When she and Ty became serious the “He this and that” became “WE want to get married” and “I want to marry him.”

What a difference a word change makes! In this case, it is for a happy, joyful reason.

Amber Engagement

Today was her day! She went from Miss to Mrs. I could not be happier for her! With the help of her sister and mother they tackled the planning for the ring ceremony and reception on their own. The wedding ceremony took place at the Raleigh Latter-day Saint Temple. (Click here to learn more) Not all of her relatives are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so a ring ceremony was held prior to the reception in Charlotte, NC. Everything looked wonderful! They spent weeks going to yard sales and various Goodwill’s to collect small bud vases in different colors, sizes, and shapes. White linens with a burlap and lace runner covered the tables with 3-4 of the vases they collected on top. Her caterer had this lovely black and deep blue lanterns that tied the tables together.

Decor fixed                                             Decor1 fixed

Her cake was the best cake I have seen. I nearly loved her cake more than mine. There is a new concept going around Pinterest called the “naked cake.” Which is great for those who like cake but not a lot of icing. The thin layer covering the outside kept the cake from drying out during the reception. YUM!

Cake assembly                 cake


The bridal party was allowed to wear any style of dress we wanted, however, they had to be in the “blush” family. We all wore these leaf-y crowns.


She made a lovely bride!  Entrance 1
Throughout the weekend, I watched her and Ty. The way they interact with one another, shows that they are a match. These two are going to be able to last. It will be rough in the first few months or maybe years because he is still in school but seeing her naturally put his needs above her own (and vice versa) radiates eternal-like strength to last forever. As they embark on this new adventure together, I wish them the best of luck.

My wedding      Friends



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