Freezer Oreo Truffle

Is it hot enough for you where you are? This southern humidity tacked onto high temperatures has me applying sunblock every hour. My poor fur babies are only allowed to go out once (hour max) to play.

In honor of my husbands birthday this past Monday AND a dire need for a treat that did not require turning on the oven, I located this delicious looking Oreo cake over at Cookies & Cups. During our big move earlier this year, I somehow lost several, aka ALL, of my 9×13 glass dishes. My cake was quickly turned into a truffle.

His actual birthday cake was a Cinnamon Swirl cake but I planned to have a board game night with his friends later in the week, warranting the need for another cake. I have a lucky husband….two cakes in one week, he is getting spoiled!

It’s truly a win-win recipe. We both are lovers of Double Stuft Oreo’s. It only takes 10 minutes to make. Lastly, the ingredients list is only 4 items long. (should that be a win-win-win?)

You’ll need Oreo’s -I used Double Stuf- (about 90), milk, whipped topping (3 tubs), and chocolate syrup (optional).
IngredientsTo make my life easier, I created a quick assembly line. Please ignore that there seem to be a few Oreo’s missing from the first two rows. I found it impossible to not snack while creating this mouth-watering dessert!Set Up

Begin by dipping the Oreo’s in milk, one by one, and lay flat in a 9×13 pan.

Spread one tub of whipped topping over the Oreo’s. Repeat the process two more times, ending with a whipped topping layer.


If desired, drizzle the chocolate syrup on top. In our house this really isn’t an option, we like us some chocolate.


Freeze for a minimum of 6 hours, but she recommends overnight.

This cake is perfect for a small party or family gathering. It holds 15-20 servings of pure happiness.  Click here to see the full recipe.

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