Golf Tournament

Wilkes Golf Tournament

Tomorrow morning is the Wilkes Chamber Foundation Annual Golf Tournament. It will be held at the Oakwoods Country Club in Wilkesboro, NC. The chamber’s education foundation hosts this event. Anything that aids education efforts, I try to do my part. Marrying a teacher can do that :). I found out about it too late to participate (volunteer wise, I am not the best golfer) but I look forward to assisting next year.

Proceeds from this event provides funding for the United Teens in Action Youth Leadership and New Century Scholarships.

For organizations looking for a fundraiser idea, pending your location, a charity golf tournament may be the ticket to reach your goals. It combines fun, exercise, and a variety of ways for raising money for the organization.

When planning a golf outing, there are a surplus of parts to consider. Rushing through the planning stages, or cutting corners, could lead to lost opportunities for fundraising.

With any fundraising event, start your planning step with thorough research. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to find out if other golf tournaments or larger events are taking place in the area on the date you chose. Naturally, you’ll want to avoid competing against other charity events. Select a the best course for your participants that have your open date. An event is considered successful by donations AND number of attendees.

Next comes the leg work of raising money. The obvious is having each player/team pay a fee to participate. Those players/teams can also collect a suggested amount of “pledges.”

Additional ideas may include soliciting local businesses to be the tournament “sponsor” or sponsor an individual golf hole. Businesses can be rewarded for their sponsorship by having their logo printed on various marketing materials handed out before and during the event, showcased on the tournaments website, a grand “thank you” mention during the event, or to have their company name shown near that hole.

Once you have the location and date set as well as sponsorship’s coming in, you should ensure the event is being well publicized. As mentioned above, maximizing player turnout will elevate your events success. Luckily, the budget gets a break here. Thanks to social media spending money on event promotion is not necessary if you have a good committee. Networking is key! The best promotion is relationships.

Work with the press sending multiple press releases leading up to the event. Talk to local celebrities, popular newspaper columnists, as well as news and sports anchors from the local news. You’ll find that several of them are wiling to participate. Naturally, the local sports reporter will do a little self-promotion on their own, handling the bulk of publicity work for you. Also send invites to local politicians, corporate CEO’s, and others who likely have a large local following. With every “yes, I will attend and/or play” you can advertise via social media (free) that they are playing in your event to attract local fans wishing to see their favorite local celebs play.

The last thing I will mention is prizes. The quality of prizes will determine the number of golfers that participate. My history with coordinating sporting events confirms that participants LOVE prizes. Nothing fuels someone more than the gratification of winning something. Try to negotiate with sponsors to donate quality merchandise or services.

For more information on planning a successful golf tournament, check out Golf Registrations. They have several lists to ensure no detail is missed. And when you decide that you only want to be in charge of publicity, think of me to handle to administrative and coordinating duties!

Other great resources include: Fundraiser Help and Tee Times Press

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