Big Green Egg

I originally planned to share my favorite relaxation tips, however, at 7 p.m. my mother-in-law called and asked if she could come over before L went to bed. She had a “little” something for him. I rarely say no to family wanting to visit us or L so I said okay. (She lives maybe 7 minutes away)

Her and a friend show up with this large “tool bench” for little children. He’s head barely goes over the table part, aka a toy he’ll have for a LONG time. While L was playing with his new contraption, her friend and I get to talking about the fire pit we have to complete and the Big Green Egg Grill we are going to be putting together this weekend. They didn’t have set plans so at 7:40 p.m. (20 minutes to L’s bedtime) it’s decided he is going to assist us in putting together the grill.

I’ve learned that when plans change sometimes it is best to just roll with it. You’ll never hear me turn down help in tackling my seemingly never-ending to do list so I am not complaining about the last minute assistance with this grill. I’ll be honest with the number of boxes that came for the “small” big green egg grill was a little intimidating. Even with his help it took over an hour.

Big Green Egg Medium Mate
Big Green Egg Medium Mate

I cannot wait to fire it up! The brochure states that this grill is the Swiss army knife of grills. It can do so many things in addition to grilling. I can bake pizza or cinnamon rolls in it, roast chicken, etc.

The sizes range from mini to xx-large. With its ability to be a grill, smoker, and/or oven it is a great option for a variety of events with catering. Unfortunately, my little egg would only be helpful for weddings no larger than 10 people. But it is PERFECT for our date night’s in I have planned for my husband and I throughout the year. I’m looking forward to testing these menu plans.

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