Batman Wedding

I was married on March 15, 2014. That winter was AWFUL, except for my wedding day. Everyday leading up to my wedding gifted us with a dreadful, wet wintry mix. But on MY day, that heavens opened, the sun was out, and the weather was a warm 70 something. Then the next day it snowed.

My dream as a little girl was to get married outdoors in the Fall. I love autumn! However, we found out we were pregnant a week before Christmas and I was not confident in myself to lose the baby weight fast enough. Winter/Spring wedding it was! My husband is a huge fan of Batman. To make the wedding about us and not just me, I wanted to somehow bring that into the wedding design. Instead of going comic book-y, I tried to focus more on Bruce Wayne and create a reception that would get the “Wayne Enterprises seal of approval.”

Inspiration boards I found on Pinterest:

batmanCatwomanWedding-478x1024                     gold-with-black-and-white-wedding-colors

Our color scheme was black, white, and hints of gold. I ordered black table linens and white napkins from Grand Rental Station. We were going to use gold chargers but at the last minute I decided that was too formal for a brunch reception.

cake table

Our ceremony took place at 10 AM at Magnolia Manor. Reception followed afterwards. Between flipping the room from ceremony to reception, we served juice and mini cinnamon rolls in the manor foyer.

Magnolia Manor

ring exchange   ring exchange 1

Catering was wonderfully done by Maria’s Catering. I’ll be honest, planning the food was the most difficult item on my wedding “to do” list. The thought of food made me nauseated beyond words. The menu was actually dreamed up by my former Food and Beverage Manager. He suggested and contacted Maria’s for me. Once I was out of my first trimester, I met with them face to face to finalize the details. Maria’s was very accommodating. They simply were (and still are) amazing and I highly recommend them for any event in the Triad area! Brunch consisted of biscuits with gravy and an assortment of jams, deviled eggs, smoked salmon pinwheels, fruit salad, grits with a variety of toppings, and mini cinnamon rolls. In addition to the water, lemonade, and juices served we set up a hot chocolate bar. Which with the unexpected warm weather was not as big of a hit as originally planned. I loved it though! Their staff was great. Everything was displayed cleanly and beautifully. They even boxed up the leftovers for us to take home. Which I ended up sharing with the hotels housekeeping staff. They loved it too. 🙂


Our cake was actually a gift from a friend. She is the owner of Oh, Susannah’s. When she is not creating her fun, celebrity endorsed pillow cases, she dabbles in decorating cakes.

floral flowers

Table decor was created by my lovely sister. We’re both DIY lovers. I purchased cylinder and globe vases from the Dollar Tree, glitter and modge podge from Michael’s. Left everything with her after my visit to Wilmington and voila! I still have them, looking brand new, to decorate my home with.


I don’t know how I would have handled everything without the wonderful Jennifer Ball at Knot Your Average Events. She was perfect! (If you cannot book me, put her at the top of your list!) Being a coordinator myself, I know there are a million things to remember, people to keep tabs of, problems that always arise (small or large), etc. Every couple should have a wedding coordinator for their big day, at the very least. Of everything we spent money on, she was WELL worth it. I didn’t have to think of anything except the billion pictures we seemed to have to take. Jennifer kept the timeline of events flowing nicely, including the several minutes I needed to myself when my pregnant emotions got the best of me. I could go on and on and on.

sister           ready   walk                  ring help         happy guestbook groom dance face dad adieu

Other vendors:

Invitations: Shutterfly
Flowers: Just Priceless
DJ: 815 Events
Photography: Traci Harris Photography

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