Superb Picnic

FALL IS COMING! The mornings around here already seem a bit cooler. School officially started today, my husband is back to early mornings and after school tutoring sessions.

With the changing of the leaves and the amazing fact that I live at the base of the magnificent NC mountains, its the best time of year for a picnic. (Really anytime the weather is nice, it is great to have a picnic but Fall is my favorite season making it the perfect time to have one)

Picnics are a great for family fun days, low-key and frugal dates, or play dates with friends. Nothing brings out my inner child better than playing in leaves, finding shapes in the clouds, and enjoying a picnic.

There are so many picnic basket options available, many that include the blanket(s) needed too, online. Some of my favorites are:


~The Picnic Plus Largo 2 Person Picnic Basket which is a classic style basket that features two divided compartments  on the front to hold beverage bottles and dry foods.


~ Picnic at Ascot Collapsible Basket Cooler comes in a variety of colors and styles. I love that it is collapsible. When I am finished using it I can put it away without taking up a lot of my limited cabinet space.


~ Useful UH-PB174 Collapsible Insulated Picnic Basket set for 2 with Plates, and Cutlery Set has everything you would need for a picnic for two. It has an easy drinks access panel in lid and leak proof lining to minimize messes. Now it is time to pack the basket with yummy, delicious food. (My favorite part, next to playing in piles of leaves!) Pack seasonal fruits and veggies, a great sandwich, and a salad. I’ve become a big fan of the mason jar salads. One container for your dressing, lettuce, and toppings. No risk of dressing leaking everywhere. It’s genius. If salad and sandwiches are not your thing, you can also pack chili in a jar. It’s filling and less to carry.

My husband is a fan of meat and cheese finger foods. A third option could be a variety of cheeses, cured meats, and crackers. Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Pack along bottles of your favorite soda, lemonade, or water.

With delicious food, crisp weather, and easy-going conversations your next picnic will be a hit!


I found this great illustration on the perfect picnic at Hello Giggles. What are your favorite items to bring on a picnic?

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