First Birthday for My Little Man

My son is ONE. Every single time I look at pictures of his life this past year I get teary eyed. How did this year go by so fast?! How can one person change and grow so much?! It is a miracle… plain and simple.

Ribbet collage

Since he is not old enough to care what “theme” his birthday was, I picked a fun camping theme that could easily be accomplished in my backyard. I came up with the idea MONTHS ago. I didn’t want to risk putting it off until the last minute plus I could take advantage of sales and purchase needed items slowly over time versus all at once. The latter can get costly.

Camp Sign

“Camp Logi-Bear” would be a friendly cookout with hot dogs, pasta salad, chips, baked beans, ants on a log, and s’more cupcakes. My husband controlled the grill while I helped little campers with their trail mix concoctions. Campers of all ages had the opportunity to hit each other with water balloons, create their own rain sticks, and mix their own trail mix.

The trail mix bar was a BIG hit! Our bar included Cheerios, Golden Grahams, pretzel sticks, raisins, M&Ms, and mini marshmallows.

The invitations were created by River Mama Designs over at Etsy. She was wonderful to work with! She was very helpful with customizing the invitations and coordinating water bottle labels, food tent cards, and banners. Within a day of the final details being figured out I had my PDF copy ready for print. The hard part was attaching all the water bottle labels! (As you can see a couple ended up a little off…)

Water bottle

My favorite part was his smash cake. I thought a bear cake would be perfect for a camping themed party. I know my little man loves chocolate. I did a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Luckily I was given jelly beans as an early birthday present, the licorice flavored ones became the eyes and nose. No one eats those any way…it was a great way to not waste them. He dove right on in!

smash cake

Unfortunately, I was not attached to my phone to take pictures. What you see is all I have from his party…. I am still waiting from my family to send me little man actually eating his cake and playing with everyone. The dogs loved their extended play date with the kiddos. Little man decided to surprise US by walking all by himself CLEAR ACROSS MY BACK YARD! He hasn’t stopped since. Happy Birthday to us all! 🙂

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