When Keely Met Joe


My first wedding. Ever. Once upon a time….

I was one of those that had trouble landing a job right after college. My sister assisted me get a job at a law office in Wilmington, NC so I could have some sort of income to begin paying my loans back while I continued my search. I kept hearing you “don’t have enough experience” reason which is frustrating…HOW AM I GOING TO GET EXPERIENCE WITHOUT YOU HIRING ME?!

Well, I moved to Wilmington and was convinced I was going to make something happen. I helped out with my church’s Young Single Adult various activities while continuing to volunteer with the International Food Service Executive Association.

While doing these two things for experience, a friend who attended the YSA activities got engaged. Everyone knew I could talk your ear off about weddings and other social events. She hired me to coordinate her wedding. She was in grad school and worked two jobs, leaving little to no time to handle all the details. ME!!

Her and her fiance are big movie fans and that inspired the wedding reception style. White and yellow were the major colors. (Popcorn, anyone?)


They were wed on February 4, 2012. The ceremony took place on Wrightsville Beach. Aside from a strong breeze every so often, the weather was beautiful. It wasn’t too cold, the sun was shining (warming everyone).

Bride Entrance DSC_2786 DSC_2790


Happy Couple

The reception was held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints cultural hall. I enlisted the help of another planner/party rental friend, Edie,  who had experience hanging fabric to cover the entire walls to minimize the feel of a cultural hall. This took the most time.

Tables and chairs were provided by the church. The tables were dressed with white floor length table cloths with silver overlays, the chairs were covered with white and tied with sheer yellow.


Food was catered by Casey’s. They have the BEST southern food in Wilmington. They were very helpful in working with the bride and groom’s budget, offering suggestions to get the most variety for guests.


A candy buffet and popcorn machine were set up for guests to snack on while the bridal party and families took pictures after the ceremony. Instead of a traditional cake, the bride opted for cupcakes. She purchased several via Harris Teeter (you can buy them without icing) and had a friend decorate them.

DSC_2679 Candy Buffet

A friend of Joe’s is a local DJ, he provided the music during the reception.

Couple Dance

It’s been 2 years since I left Wilmington, NC but I still wish them the best! I learned a lot from this experience. I thought I knew time management before but I had a crash course. I’ll never forget how long it took to break down that reception. My love for weddings grew tremendously as I watched the details come together, two people become united forever through marriage. My heart still skips a beat as I think of her walking down the “aisle” to her soon to be husband.

I truly do love love.

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