Brunch Basics

The holiday season is *literally* around the corner. I feel Halloween is on the verge of appearing in a blink of an eye with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years high tailing right behind it. If I blink too long, I may miss them all together!

To slow things down and truly enjoy this time of year with friends and family, host a brunch. Brunch is a meal that allows guests to sit down and actually relax. The dishes are impressive without the stress of a plated dinner. I love brunch. I loved it so much we served it at my own wedding!

Whether for a special meal for your children on the weekend or feeding a large crowd, brunch is always a hit. To keep the breakfast enthusiasts and lunch lovers happy, ensure you serve up the right balance between break and lunch items. When I serve brunch I get so excited about the surplus of breakfast goodies to create, I tend to have a 80/20 ratio!

Here are some delicious ideas for an autumn inspired brunch spread:

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Cheddar Grit Souffle
Banana Crumb Cake
Overnight French Toast
Salad Bar
Cinnamon Rolls
Pumpkin Waffles
Sweet Potato Hash
Greens, Eggs, and Ham
Sausage and Cheddar Casserole
Butternut Squash Soup
Yogurt Parfait Bar

Prepare dishes ahead of time. Your morning will be much more relaxing when your most time consuming step is waiting for the oven to preheat.

Let the food be your tablescape. Place bowls of fresh seasonal fruit or have a place bowls with parfait toppings in the center of the able for guests to get interactive. Make sure dishes are still safe to sit at room temperature for an hour or two.

Chilly mornings call for a beverage station flowing with warm coffee, cocoa, and cider. As a going away gift, have small jars of granola or homemade jam ready for pick up. (Whichever you served)

Lastly, always remember to be your own guest! You’re hosting a brunch to slow down, don’t forget to enjoy it as much as your guests.

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