Back to School

Recently I was called to serve in the Relief Society at church as the Meeting Coordinator. These meetings may include service activities, classes, projects, conferences, and workshops.

relief society logo original

Last Thursday was my first meeting to put together and honestly the first meeting these ladies have had in MONTHS! The presidency has been working on new visiting teaching assignments so I felt a “Back to School” theme would be perfect to focus on the importance of visiting teaching and holding regular meetings outside of church.

I used Proper 2 Relief Society for inspiration with class topics. We started with “lunch” and a quick “orientation” (basically, ate and chatted a bit before class….I guess it was more of a Home Room, HA!) Lunch was ham and cheese pinwheels, fruit salsa, and an assortment of chips. Classes offered included:

1st Period: Science – How to Connect with Your Sisters
2nd Period: Home Ec. – The Recipe for Success
3rd Period: Art – Elevating Visiting Teaching to an Art

art class

One of the “teachers” brought in an easel for a more interactive lesson. It was a lot of fun!

We had enough sisters show up to break up into small classes and rotate instead of one large class moving around with the other two speakers just sitting in boredom. Looking back I wish I had brought a bell to signal class changes like traditional school.


While perusing Target, I found these small crates marked down in the clearance section. They came in sets of 3 for under $3, win! I filled them with Dollar Tree crinkled paper and a few apples. For six tables I don’t think I spent over $10. (Another win!)

DIY Visiting Teaching Message Holders
DIY Visiting Teaching Message Holders

I crafted these visiting teaching message holders courtesy of Elaine’s Sweet Life. Though I think hers look much better than mine, they turned out wonderful and were super simple to put together. The washi tape came from the Dollar Tree, the pins and magnets came from Wal-Mart. I attached each one to new visiting teaching assignments to ensure each sister received one.

The next meeting will be in January, stay tuned to what my committee and I dream up!




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