When All Else Fails, Serve Chicken

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Did you know chicken is eaten more than any other meat? Being a southern lady, I am not shocked by this tidbit of information at all. I could eat chicken 7 days a week and still be a happy woman.

Nutritionally, chicken is rich in potassium, calcium and contains no carbohydrates. No wonder it is a top choice for individuals on a quick diet or starting a dietary lifestyle change. However, chicken skin (the most delicious part!) is mostly fat raising the calorie count a bit.

As I hinted to earlier chicken is so versatile. Different methods of cooking will deliver different result. From roasting to frying, the possibilities are nearly endless!

Roasting a chicken in a conventional oven can dry it out. If you are a newbie grill master like myself grilled chicken can sometimes come out dry as well. Adding oil or wrapping it in foil can solve that problem.

Below is a small round up of some chicken recipes I have tried or plan to try in the next couple weeks…


The Pinning Mama – She has an entire chicken bake dinner series. They are easy and fast to make. Keep an eye out for what she creates next!

honey-soy-chicken1Chew Out Loud– This will definitely be made within the next couple weeks for dinner!

spicy-chicken-meatballs-h392Our Life Tastes Good– These meatballs would make a delicious appetizer for hungry guests during cocktail hour.

chicken-bitesSalad in a Jar– Who doesn’t love bacon?! Perfect for holiday get together’s, finger foods for showers or weddings.

beamchicken3_thumbDoughmesstic– Tailgating, anyone? Enough said…


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