Comic Book Party

Ribbet collage

Due to my husbands love of Batman and Spiderman, I know it is inevitable that my son will have a comic book themed party before the age of 5. We had a superhero themed baby shower and he has been given an absurd amount of superhero blankets, clothes, and toys. No need to fight it, he was predestined to be a superhero loving boy.

Being the type of person that once an idea has popped into my head I research the heck out of it, I have already started to see what ideas are out there. My favorite place to check first is Hostess With the Mostess. They have ideas for everything. I love it!

Here are some of their ideas:


Budget Friendly Superhero Party

superhero_birthdayparty_1Vintage Pop Art Superhero Party

vintageVintage Comic Book Superhero Party

Typically what I end up doing after searching for what feels like eternity is fusing various ideas together. I love finding budget friendly ideas! Until my son is old enough to care (if he ever does) about where the decorations came from or how much money is spent on his birthday, I will be as frugal as humanly possible. Other ideas that I loved enough to share with you are from….


One Charming Party

Party One
Party One
Party Two
Party Two

Anders Stuff Party One and Two
superheroes-cape-lollipopParty Simplicity

The Party Works has great party supplies fit for any superhero party. I’ve starred them for future reference when the birthday party inevitably happens.

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