Brushy Mountain Apple Festival


This time of year you can guarantee that there is at least one festival happening (maybe even two) in this area. The two largest are Merle Fest and the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival. Both happen in Wilkes County but at different times of year.

The Brushy Mountain Apple Festival is one of the largest one-day arts and crafts festivals in the Southeast. It is a rain or shine event. The evening before the festival is APPLE JAM. A musical event held in downtown North Wilkesboro. Music starts around 6 p.m. it is a good idea to bring your lawn chair and relax while listening to local artists share their talents.

October 3rd was this years Apple Festival. Normally there are endless amount of local venders and even more people visiting the downtown North Wilkesboro area for a taste of all things apple. However, this weekend the east coast was hit with the effects of a hurricane. There was so much rain and wind that flood warnings were issued Friday for our area.

The dates for the 2016 Apple Jam and Festival are listed on their site already! My fingers are crossed for better weather. Check it out to see who they have performing that Friday night!

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