Goodbye, butterflies!

3rd Bedroom

By butterflies, I mean the very dated butterfly wallpaper that was all over our guestroom/office walls. I knew I wanted to make that room my first big “project” in fear that it would take the longest time to complete. When I went to Lowe’s to speak to a few associates for suggestions, every person said it would be a time consuming task just to remove the wall paper. They did not include the priming and painting.


For optimal results, they did suggest I use Piranha Gel Wallpaper Remover. It comes in a liquid, however, as I learned first hand the gel really clings to the wallpaper with very little running.

Utilizing my son’s nap times, as soon as I laid him down (even before he drifted off to sleep) I started spraying as big of an area as I could. It has to soak for 15 minutes before trying to peel off. While I waited I moved the rest of the furniture out or into the middle of the room. After 15 minutes I took my first test run removing the wallpaper. It peeled off like a banana! So easy, I literally pulled entire sheets in one go! It took 3 nap times (a day and a half) to get it all down but technically only 3-4 hours. I was expecting 8 or more!


For paint, I prefer the Glidden brand. My dad works for PPG who just merged with Glidden, I may be biased but I want to support the company that my dad works for. I chose a paint that already had primer mixed in (less coats I have to apply) in a light sage color. It looks great! My husband even likes it.


Once I get everything back into its place and add some artwork, I will show the entire room!

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