Deep Cleaning

Now that I am a homeowner, I want to get in the routine of a deep clean every 6 months. Basically, I want to prepare my home for winter and then liven back up for spring.

Outside the Home I (or my husband) plan to:

-Check caulk around windows and doors.
-Wash exterior windows.
-Drain and store garden hoses.
-Check gutters and downspouts. Clear of any debris.
-Have chimney inspected and cleaned.

In our last rental, we realized the importance of checking the caulking of windows. We could never get our house to stay warm. Finally, we recruited a family friend to assist us with winterizing the house and there was a significant difference.

I am lucky enough to have the windows that can be pulled open from inside the house so I don’t have to climb through my bushes to clean the exterior part of the windows.

Inside the Home I plan to:

-Clean from top to bottom-Wash window treatments. Clean interior windows including window sills and window wells. Wash the walls. Vacuum baseboards and corners.
-Flip mattresses. Clean all bedding: mattress pads, pillows, duvets, blankets, comforters. Switch bedding out for heavier comforter.
-Shampoo carpets in bedrooms.
-Clean the oven.

I love Clean Mama’s fall cleaning checklist. I printed it and added it to my family management binder so I can check off as I go. Martha Stuart also has an in depth cleaning checklist that I have been referencing. I am hoping to borrow a friend’s carpet shampooer so I don’t have to rent one.

I try to dust a couple times a month but mainly in the obvious places. I want to reach the corners, light fixtures, top of the refrigerator, etc.

Not listed is but at the top of my list is cycling out warmer weather clothing and hauling out the sweaters, coats, long sleeved everything. Wash it all, get it hung up and ready for wear.

Basically I plan to tackle one room a day, starting from top to bottom. Within two weeks, I should have my entire home ready for winter. I think I can handle one room per day versus tackling the entire house at once. I don’t think Logan would allow such a taking anyway.

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