Rob + Kristen Photography


There are some wedding vendors you just love to be around. One of my favorites are Rob and Kristen. I have known Kristen since middle school. We were good friends throughout, bonding through our love of marching band :). In high school she switched schools then later moved to Washington State. Keeping in contact became a little difficult until the wonderful social media network popularly known as Facebook was created.


During college I made a status about REALLY needing a vacation. She suggested I visit her in Seattle. I am pretty confident it took all of ten minutes of conversation for me to decide to book a ticket. I tell my husband to blame her for my love of the Pacific NW. 😉


Jump forward to June 2012. Kristen is now married to Rob and they launch their photography business, Rob+Kristen. They specialize in wedding photography for the “adventurous couple.” I was captivated by Rob’s photography skills before they started their business. He has an amazing gift!


They claim to specialize in making nervous people comfortable, chasing beautiful light, and finding the moments that make your big day unique. From the stories Kristen has shared with me how Rob is a ninja with a camera. Kristen has a great gift of putting clients at ease. I begged her to do my maternity pictures. Being (and feeling) so large by 7-8 months pregnant I was nervous about looking like a overstuffed whale. She walked me through different ways to sit, took shots from various angles, and joked with me the entire time keeping me at ease. 


They fill up fast so if you are looking for a fantastic photographer, contact them soon! Literally, they were booked for my wedding last year. I was so sad!


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