Pumpkin Party!

2012 pumpkins
2012 Pumpkin Party

I love traditions! We’re a young family meaning we are in the stages of creating our own traditions. One I am dedicated to starting and keeping is hosting a pumpkin carving and decorating party. Unfortunately my first year attempting to host one as a family was impossible because the date I chose was also the date of our wards temple trip. I’ll pay better attention next year! My little family went on a hike instead.

Stone Mountain State Park

That doesn’t mean I cannot share with you my ideas I was planning to use for said party and that I will be holding onto for next year. The carving portion of the party was being left for the adults. Since we had little’s coming I knew the pumpkin decorating would (and will) be the highlight of the party.

Since the weather has finally been sunny and finally feel like fall (no more random 80 degree days!) the party was going to be outside. We have a couple folding tables that we were going to set out and cover with black table clothes.

My silly husband (:



























Get out the craft supplies and be prepared to get messy! You’ll need glitter, glue, spray paint, craft paint, brushes, lace, painter’s tape, paint pens, and sequins. Small planters are perfect to hold pumpkin carving tools. Parents help the little’s spray paint pumpkins but other than that they are on their own to be as creative as they want!

2013 pumpkn
2013 Pumpkins – I did the owl, my husband did the ‘Pumpkin Pie’ notice his pie was off HA!

Everyone brings their own pumpkin to decorate/carve. We provide the hot cider and yummy treats. With a group of people I like to keep things simple, especially if hosting something outside. The plan was to have donuts and meat and cheese trays with crackers with water and hot apple cider.

Don’t forget to save the seeds from those that do carve! Martha Stuart has a list of yummy recipe ideas for the seeds!

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