Warm and Cozy Gift Idea

I love me a good DIY gift basket, especially around the holidays! Creating baskets for my friends and family help me to stay within our very tight Christmas budget. I have been doing them for the last few years now. So far, receivers seem to enjoy them.


Today I am sharing an easy gift basket idea that works great for a Christmas gift or bridal party gift! What better way to warm up this winter season than with a mug of hot chocolate? You can fill with the main essentials or go the extra mile adding flavor enhancers. I did a little of both!

First, you need a basket. I used left over mini milk crates from Target from a Relief Society meeting in September.


Next, I filled them with crinkled paper and tissue paper before adding my gift basket ingredients. This year I used store bought hot cocoa mix and marshmallows then made chocolate-dipped spoons.


Other basket add-ons could be peppermint sticks, cinnamon sticks, a cute mug, or white hot cocoa.

I picked up some large clear gift basket bags from Dollar Tree and the gift is now ready! It’s easy, delicious, and perfect for the holiday season.

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