Holiday Work Party

I love weddings and other large parties but I equally love hosting smaller social gatherings such as work holiday parties. As I have mentioned before I am married to a high school math teacher. It didn’t sound like a holiday party has ever happened before, at least not in awhile, pair that with my husbands strong desire to create some sort of department unity and cohesion we became this years hosts.

I tried to do an ugly sweater Christmas party, but husband was not as enthused as I was so it became a “Jingle Mingle” instead. Simply put, we overly decorated our home to welcome guests. We asked that everyone bring an appetizer to share and a $10 gift to play Dirty Santa. In the end dirty Santa turned into secret Santa because no one ended up stealing gifts, everyone loved what they chose. I’ve never seen that done before but the group was small so it wasn’t too shocking.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes For our appetizers, I threw together Sriracha Meatballs courtesy of DIY Budget Girl, deviled eggs that the egg white parts were dyed red and green, a cranberry cheese ball (a mix purchased at the Apple Festival), and fudge-filled chocolate cupcakes with candy Christmas trees inspired by Just a Taste. I also provided non-alcoholic options, thanks to Welch’s for creating mango passion fruit “mocktail” that I loved!

In case the conversations began to lull everyone into sleepy boredom, I used wrapping paper to DIY a photo booth area. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves more than we thought with little to no awkward pauses in conversation so only my husband and I took pictures….aren’t we fetching?!IMAG2603

By the end of the party, there was talk of a New Year’s party….. we’ll see!

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