Q Visuals

Wedding videography documents a wedding on video. With the overabundance of smartphones, nearly any guest can catch your ceremony on video. However, a professional can turn your wedding events into an romantic, tear-jerker worthy of an Oscar.


Q Visuals would  be one of those professionals. I met him this past November while coordinating a surprise wedding at Pilot View Farm. Quincy was prompt and professional during the wedding and we hardly noticed him which is what you want on that day. I love that he arrived a little earlier than expected to meet and greet with myself and my assistants.

Being a barn wedding and the weather decided to be gray and rainy, they lighting was not the best. He was very flexible and helpful, using extra lamps that he brought with him to make not only his work turn out better but the photographers as well.

To see his work, click here (then play Catherine+Jeff’s wedding…I get teary eyed every time I watch it!). He frequently utilizes Groupon to sell his services. If you are on a budget but do not want to eliminate a videographer, keep an eye out for his sales on there.

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