Makings of a great play date

Do you have children? Do your neighbors and friends have children? If you answered yes, then you should host a play date! The possibilities are endless when it comes to little kiddos…

What makes a fun play date?

First thing to have, especially for younger children (like my toddler little man), have a few learning stations set up around the room or outside designed for the children’s specific age group. Try to let each station focus on a different skill (gross motor, fine motor, language). Include labels and all the supplies needed to complete the activity at each station.

Unless you have a child like mine who takes no time to “make” something no perfect play date is complete without a craft for kiddos (and parents) to take home. Try to have at least one of your stations be something the children can create and take home with them. My little man is getting better, he is only 1, but my attempts to create things with him have so far been a fun mess but nothing more, HA!

Lastly, a good play date must always have snacks! Festive snacks are great, but healthy options are naturally always welcome. Give the snacks fun, themed names or connect them in festive ways making them more appetizing for picky eaters.


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