2016 Wedding Trends

Are you recently engaged and needing some inspiration for your special day? Everyone has heard it at least once or twice that “a picture is worth a thousand words” well this post is giving you about 12,000 words of 2016 wedding trends. From favors to dresses I have listed my favorite trends this year to help you and your beau say “I do.”


favor collageIf you haven’t figured it out yet, wedding planning can get very expensive very quickly. So it is no surprise that a growing trend is providing favors that guests actually want and hopefully use. Try these:

Succulents are cute and lively, as well as one of the easiest plants to care for. Seriously, if I can keep one alive longer than a month it is a great gift then your guests will have no trouble keeping them around long after your special day is over. Emmaline Bride has an easy to follow DIY succulent wedding favor for the spring/summer bride.

Salsa is great edible idea for the low-key backyard, outdoor or summer wedding. Simple to make and easy to store! If you not a canning expert, County Road Canning over at Etsy will prepare and can the salsa for you with fresh ingredients from their private garden.

Honey is a favor I mentioned before. It makes a sweet favor for a rustic, country, or shabby chic wedding. Honey makes an inexpensive favor and has a long shelf life. Tiny jars or sticks can be personalized with labels like the ones from E+M Wedding Favors.


color trend collage

My color scheme was black and white, pretty classic. This years color trends are drool worthy though! Tulle and Chantilly has put together 10 trends for spring and easily summer. (Fiesta may be my favorite!) Wedding Nails features a coral and grey scheme. Exclusively Weddings is adding glamour and dazzle to 2016 weddings with gold! They’ve put together five pairings, but the mint and gold is a match made in heaven. The mint and gold combination works for day or night as well as indoors or out. I may hold onto this idea should my husband and I ever decide to renew our vows. I love it that much!


Adding a layer to your wedding gown, whether it’s a cape, a train, or a top layer, will amp up even the most basic of gowns. Flowers and weddings go hand in hand. Brides this year are showing that floral print wedding gowns are just as deserving of the aisle as a classic white wedding dress. from bright watercolor painted dresses to more subtle pastel flower patterns, you can make as big of a statement as you can handle.


color trend collage

Wedding cakes are subject to the fluctuations of fashion, and what is in season now may be completely out of favor by the time next year’s wedding season comes around. Classic white tiers will always look good, but The Knot has a scrumptious list of what is trending for 2016. Maybe it is my never satisfied sweet tooth but this trending idea of cake trios, quartets and quintet tables jumps to the top of my list. (Why have just one cake when you can have five?!) A large cake table gives you the opportunity to create another visually stunning display at your reception of your wedding colors and theme.

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