Still Frozen

Last Halloween there was a post that went viral on Facebook about a father who let his son be Elsa from Frozen. Raising a son, I have become anti boys only like trucks, sports, etc. but it never crossed my mind about Disney movie’s being something my son may enjoy. So what if he does grow up to be equally obsessed with Frozen (or any other Disney movie for that matter) and want that as a birthday theme?!

Looks like I am not the only one to have thought about this… with that in mind, here is my round up of Frozen inspired birthday ideas that BOTH boys and girls will enjoy.

Start with invitations, Jennuine has created 3 editable movie ticket style Frozen party invitations. Best of all they are FREE to download with step by step instructions on how to edit them.

invite and take home
Credit 1 + Credit 2

Paige’s Party Ideas gives a eco-friendly decorating tip by using toilet paper rolls to make snowflakes. Two Sister’s Crafting came up with this cute DIY Olaf party favor bag. I kind of would like one for myself. The sisters have also feature a post for play snow….anyone want to build a snowman?

pizza and snow
Credit 1 + Credit 2

Spaceships and Laser Beams found a way to bring the light away from Olaf and onto Sven and Kristoff with an ice block race. A blog that I regularly visit for fun sensory play ideas, Growing A Jeweled Rose, came up with Snowman Slam (aka bowling) for the whole family to enjoy.

snowman fun
Credit 1 + Credit 2

Serve up carrot sticks with ranch dressing, white chocolate dipped rice krispy treat squares, snowman cupcakes, and don’t forget Delia Creates snowman pizza!

Don’t forget if their attention span allows, play the movie too!

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