Polar Bear Play Date

It’s cold. Very cold. To top it off, there is no more snow to make it worth freezing your hands off to go outside and play. Making my little man have cabin fever….and be very cranky. (he is in the middle of a tantrum right now!)

The cold weather got me thinking about a play date that let the fun part of cold weather come inside….without the cold.



Pleasant Thing created a small world using ice cubes and shaving cream for a snowy scene filled with plastic polar bear figurines. I have used similar set ups before and they kept my little man happily entertained for a long time!

Ribbet collage

Keep the fun going and visit your local library and check out several books about polar bears. Then head over to Fireflies and Mud Pies to download a free polar bear template. Cut the polar bear out with scissors and use cotton balls for the fur!

Ribbet collage

More polar bear craft ideas include Love to Sew encouraging little’s to use their hands to create their own polar bear with white paint. Crafts by Amanda gets creative with paper tubes. She includes a free printable pattern template to turn a toilet paper tube into a polar bear begging for a bear hug. I love reusing ordinary items for little man to play with. I Heart Crafty Things turns a paper plate, tissue paper, and an empty (clean) fruit cup into a fun mask.

Burn off pent up energy with gross motor activities like walking like a penguin or acting like a polar bear for a day. Still Playing School lays down blue towels to be the seas and pillows become icebergs. Let your little’s crawl, jump, waddle around/over/under the icebergs learning how bears and penguins move. (If your little’s made a mask mentioned above, they can wear their masks to really get into character!)


All that moving will work up a bear sized appetite. Hungry Happenings has the perfect treat to try … polar bear pretzel pops. In fact she also has an entire jungle of pretzel pops for any occasion.

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