Celebrate Your FIRST Anniversary

My husband and I celebrating our first anniversary with a book store date!

Is your anniversary coming up? Or has it already passed? Well, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead!

gift guide

Anniversary gifts can be hard, especially if you’re following the traditional guide for what you need to give each year. Originating in the Middle Ages in the Germanic region of Europe, each and every symbol/gift that has been added to the list has a meaning behind it.

Today, I wanted to begin with the first anniversary: The Paper Anniversary.


Framed Wedding Vows- This wedding photo with wedding vows I found on Etsy is BRILLIANT! If you and your husband wrote your vows, this is a lovely add idea to remember them down the road.


Books – Instead of just going out to dinner add some literary fun with a book store date. My husband and I celebrated our first anniversary with a book store date from Love Actually, we both tend to be bookworms so it was the perfect way to celebrate. At the end of the date we bought each other one of the books from our list.

Created Wonderfully Boudoir
Created Wonderfully Boudoir

Boudoir Photo Shoot – If you’ve never done a boudoir shoot, I HIGHLY recommend it! The image above is from Created Wonderfully Boudoir located in Mt.Airy, NC. I wish I had thought of this last year. If you’ve been thinking about doing it but have been on the fence, just do it no matter your size and shape, you’ll be so thankful you did! And so will your husband… *wink* wink*

Anniversary Photo Shoot – This idea is growing in popularity. If you loved your wedding photographer, what better way to celebrate your anniversary than by getting the special treatment from them on your anniversary!

Keep in mind that you don’t have to dish out a chunk of cash for an anniversary shoot with a professional to have a special keepsake from your anniversary. Get dressed up with your spouse and have a friend snap a few photos before you head off to dinner.


Write – If you love to write, start preserving your memories as a couple in print and write your love story. This is a classic low cost gift but also time consuming. Include each of your own stories before meeting, how you met, the time in between meeting and marriage, and let’s not forget that first year! Keep it open ended to continue filling in as the years go by!

Don’t want to write a book, how about the forgotten art of a handwritten, stamped letter! Drop a good old fashioned love letter in the mail for him to receive on your anniversary.

Event Tickets – Tickets are paper and events are great memories, so treat your spouse to a day or night (or both!) out at a concert, sporting event, or whatever else you can buy tickets for these days! My husband has been itching to go to a PAX Convention for years.

Travel Tickets – Looking to splurge? While still technically paper, airline tickets can take you anywhere you want to go… better yet, pull out that dusty “paper” passport and really get your travel on! We are celebrating this years Valentine’s Day with finally getting passports. Groupon always has amazing international vacation packages available for a fraction of the normal price. Hello, world!

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