Winter Birthday Bash

How do you have a party that is fun for both men and women, especially in the winter? My suggestion is the Lumber Jack and Jill Theme Party! The idea of plaid shouts warmth. It is great for birthday’s of all ages, wedding showers, anniversaries, and holiday parties.

photobooth collage

  1. Lumber Jack Photo Props
  2. Jack and Jill Photo Booth idea
  3. Lumber Jack and Jill Photo Booth Props

From the assorted mix of textures available (plaid, burlap, wood, moss) to the hilarious photo booth props and tasty food presentation, this party idea is gushing with clever details, but I think this concept would make for an awesome holiday party theme, too!

food collage

  1. Mountain Man Trail Mix Bar
  2. Baked Beans in a Jar
  3. Corn on the Cob Sticks
  4. S’More Cupcakes (yum!)

Happy planning, I am going to go enjoy the snow!


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