Acts of Love Countdown


I have been wanting to do a post like this since I came across the service countdown to Christmas calendar last December (here). I’ve been thinking about the acts of love I could do for the next 14 days with my little man. I hope you can take this ideas and add them to your daily routine.

Acts of LOVE Countdown to Valentine’s Day

1. Make someone laugh
2. Create Valentines for soldiers overseas
3. Leave a happy note for someone to find
4. Feed the birds
5. Pick up trash in your neighborhood or local park
6. Take cookies to a local fire station
7. Pray for someone
8. Give treats to the mail carrier
9. Bake something delicious to take to school
10. Leave bubbles on a family’s doorstep
11. Send “heart attacks” to family members
12. Candy bomb a parking lot (Use chocolates, not candy canes)
13. Take dinner to a family in need
14. Donate items to a local shelter

Inspire kindness


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