Valentine Inspiration

My husband and I have decided to take a trip down memory lane for Valentine’s Day this year. We made our relationship “official” on a valentine’s day three years ago. This makes my gift for him much easier, our first valentine’s together was homemade Oreo truffles. (YUM!) They are the best and super easy to make!

For those that aren’t as lucky as me this year, I have put together a round up of the cutest valentine gift ideas for teachers, dads, and your little’s. First up, teacher gifts. Since my husband is a high school teacher, I tried to find gift ideas that were more high school teacher friendly.

teacher collage

  1. Creative Capital B‘s Starburst and Skittles gifts
  2. Craftin’ on My Door‘s “extra mile” treat
  3. Camp Clem‘s simple water bottle gift

I love having my little man being involved in holiday’s with crafts and baking treats. My husband may be getting a few odd shaped Oreo truffles this year but I know he’ll love anything from his little man.

toddler collage

  1. Rust and Sunshine‘s cardboard tube heart stamps
  2. Cupcake Cutie’s “beary” cute snack
  3. The Barger Fam‘s Valentine poem

My husband loves Haribo gummy bears…a LOT. I had to include an “unbearably” cute valentine for him, too. He also loves board games and I love challenges. I hit the jack pot in inspiration this year!

hubby collage

  1. Women Living Well‘s Valentine challenge
  2.  Unbearable Gummies
  3. Oh Rubbish Blog‘s love board game

I hope your February is filled with love and happiness!

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