Heart-Filled Sensory Play

The day after any holiday, in this case Valentine’s Day, always rewards frugal ladies like myself with an endless supply of discounted cutesy cookie cutters, craft supplies, and candy. These items marked as much as 75% off are GREAT for sensory bins (or holding onto for next years holiday season!).


Little Bin’s for Little Hands has the most interesting bin! She created this candy heart “oobleck” science bin perfect for toddlers and young children. “Oobleck” is both a solid AND a liquid also known as a non-newtonian fluid. As little hands pick up the oobleck it becomes a solid, when they let it fall out of their hands or off a spoon it becomes a liquid. NEAT!

Ribbet collage

I’ve made a few sensory bottles recently. I let my little man pick his own colors….so it was more St. Patrick’s Day inspired than Valentine’s Day but he liked it. These two will be made this week! Fun A Day used a LOT of heart glitter to create a heart-filled calming jar. Rhythms of Play put together a simple slow falling hearts bottle using acrylic hearts.

Ribbet collage

Sensory bins are my little man’s favorite! I love them too because they offer children an opportunity to explore colors, textures, smells and sounds.CBC Parents has a neat looking sensory bin using dyed chickpeas instead of rice or oats. I’ll be honest I never thought about using something other than rice or oats, according to them dyed chickpeas dry within minutes and are  easier to clean up than dyed rice or oats. (win!) Nurture Store uses items around her home to create a pink and red Valentine bin. Gift of Curiosity created a fun “search and find” hearts sensory bin using rice, toy hearts, and plastic tongs.

Have fun this week with your littles!

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