Employee Appreciation

I have been a stay at home mom for almost two years now. When I first met my husband I was working three jobs, I like to think I know a thing or two about feeling appreciated as an employee…and not. Boosting employee morale is an important factor for any company’s success and growth. There are SO many simple tips that can help a company boost employee morale. Recognition Professionals International gives a few to show your staff that you care:

1. Ask an employee to write down six ways they would like to be rewarded. Anything goes. The only rule is that half the ideas need to be low cost or no cost.
2. Schedule lunch dates with employees. Give them an opportunity to select the luncheon site, and use the time to simply get to know them better.
3. Offer a free one-year subscription to an employee’s favorite business magazine and have it sent to their home.
4. Consider a gift certificate entitling an employee to lunch with you or another mentor of his/her choosing for the purpose of being coached on one or more topics.
5. Offer a shopping spree to a local supply store for an employee to get items (no staplers or paper clips allowed) to personalize his/her office or cubicle.
6. Give a fun-loving employee a series of On your mark-get set-GO cards that they can redeem at their discretion. For example: Leave work early to go to a movie, or shopping, or play ball.
7. Send a handwritten note of thanks for the completion of a job well done.

Melio Rate
Melio Rate

Melio Rate shared a global analysis from Mercer that reveals that non-financial factors play a key role in influencing employee motivation and engagement. The best (and easiest) way is to recognize them once a week, not just once a year. My favorite from my days of working outside the home were when companies provided me with opportunities to grow and gain more knowledge.

If you have employees, how do you appreciate them?ea853ae038afe2a6064a24beee0fcc0a

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