Spring Forward

My husband dreads Daylight Saving Time with a passion. I am confident he would rather endure a crowded plane ride around the world than adjust to the time change every year. I love it. I have always been a morning person, remember Anna from Frozen…”the sun is awake so I am awake”… that is me. My husband hid his dislike for it really well when we first started dating. Now that we are married, he lets me know to leave him alone. HA! In the spirit of inspiring others to be more “morning people” I propose that we celebrate Daylight Saving Time! There is no better way to celebrate than with cupcakes. These two cupcakes look and sound tasty.

Some What Simple
Cupcake Project

If you have children and need ideas for easing them into (or have a grumpy husband) then my suggestions are to continue your normal bedtime routine and make the bedrooms darker.

We have had a routine for little man since we welcomed him into this world. We start with bath time, brush teeth, fresh diaper and pajamas, bedtime story, bedtime prayers, hugs and kisses then lights out. It’s nice. No screaming or tears fighting sleep, he just drifts into “la la land” with ease.

Blackout curtains or shades might be a good investment. I never used black out curtains until I married my husband. First hand experience, they do alter your awareness of morning. I still only sleep in until 7/7:30, however, it is harder to get moving because I don’t have the sunshine giving me a friendly boost.

.Everyday Health has some great tips to adjusting to daylights saving time with ease, such as getting outside. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee in the morning, try a substance-less stimulant: sunshine. Just as dimmed lights at night tell your body to rest, the bright sunlight tells your body it can stop producing melatonin so you can feel refreshed and awake. Another is to get more active. When you are physically active, your metabolism speeds up, you feel more energized, and less likely to experience daytime drowsiness.

How do you survive the time change?

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