Save the Trees

Arbor Day is TODAY. When J. Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day back in 1872, his idea was to set aside a special day for tree planting. Today, this idea is more important than ever. I love to celebrate the importance of trees! A few days ago my little and I planted another tree in our yard. He loved playing in the dirt more than anything but it was nice to set an example of giving back to the environment.

The Arbor Day Foundation is one of the world’s largest nonprofit conservation organizations dedicated to planting trees. It was organized in 1972 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first Arbor Day. Below you will find information on how to celebrate and fundraiser ideas to support such an amazing (and desperately needed) organization.

Art Skills
Art Skills

Plant a tree. Choose the right tree for the right place and correctly plant and care for it.

Write a story, produce a play, or present a skit about trees. A good choice for an Arbor Day play is Trees: A Joy Forever. Nursing homes, retirement villages, and day care centers are typically receptive to special programs.

Choose a public park or downtown area to clean up. Recycle what you can and dispose of the rest properly. Ask residents and local churches within the area to help with the cleanup and encourage everyone to maintain the area once the work is done. Plant trees, flowers, and shrubs to beautify the area even more.

Delightful Children's Books
Delightful Children’s Books

Read a book about trees. Teach children to identify the trees in your yard by their leaves, bark and seeds. See what animals, birds and insects live in and around a tree.

Hub Pages
Hub Pages

Sponsor a poster contest, poetry contest or tree trivia contest. Give trees away as prizes.

Volunteer with a local tree-planting organization. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and make a difference in your community. Take your little ones with you to share in the fun.

Encourage neighborhood organizations to hold Arbor Day block parties. Do you need another enjoyable reason to get together with your neighbors? This is a good way to get attendees excited about caring for the street trees in front of their homes and planting more trees in their yards.

Tree seedlings can also be purchased as a fundraiser for schools and other organizations or given as wedding and party favors! Every tree comes in its own clear, recyclable plastic tube complete with planting and care instructions.

Arbor Day Foundation
Arbor Day Foundation

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