Mother’s Day pt 2

Are you still searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift?

I mentioned previously how Mother’s Day is one of the most expensive holidays. Us moms deserve a lot! However, I still prefer gifts that do not cost a lot of money. I think it is just me but it makes me uncomfortable knowing that a low of money is spent on me…I like a good bargain too much.

The best gift idea I have to share, I actually cannot find online because my brother-in-law came up with it for my sister for her first Mother’s Day. He purchased a small journal and wrote her a letter in it. The goal is each year for Mother’s day he will write another letter and when the children get to the age they can color and/or write they will each add to it, too. HOW PERFECT?!

In case that doesn’t work for you, I have found a few ideas that can be made or purchased that any mother would love! (Thank you, Etsy!)

My Daily Bubble
Megus Attic
Glam Right Boutique
Hello Handpressed

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