May Super Saturday

This past weekend my church’s Relief Society organization held a “Super Saturday” activity. The focus was a “spring cleaning” of our mind, homes, and soul.

My hope for a yoga class didn’t pan out but I will still be having that as a smaller meeting within the next month. We did have a wonderful classes on essential oils and creating your home home management binders. I am a big believer in the binders. I have two different ones for our home; one for bills, meal planning, family goals, etc. and another specifically tailored to little man and his day to day activities for fun learning.

In addition to the classes, we did a fun and interesting service project for the children at Ebenezer’s Children Home. Ebenezer’s serves as a loving and nurturing home to displaced children from Wilkes and surrounding counties. Their staff is dedicated to the care and well-being of each child resident here.We created birthday kits for the staff to offset the cost of birthday parties for their kids. Each kit included a disposable cake pan, cake mix, icing, paper plates and cups, plastic cutlery, candles, and a birthday card. Together we were able to make 26 birthday kits for them to use throughout the year.

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