Summer Carnival

I absolutely LOVE planning and organizing and seeing my plans and visions come to fruition. So birthday parties for any close family and friends or client always end up being a big deal. I often tend to go overboard and have to reign myself back in. I cannot wait to do a carnival/circus themed birthday party or wedding reception. Though I already have plans in mind for my little man’s birthday I am on the edge of changing it to a carnival. Below you will find some amazing invites (Simone Made It is my absolute favorite Etsy shop!!), game inspiration, and a party check list. Step right up and create fun!

Carnival Savers
Carnival invitation party pack
Simone Made It
This Party of Mine
Punky Prep
A Houseful of Homemade
Kara's Party Ideas
Kara’s Party Ideas
Circus Party Free Printables 2_f3589a99-6132-4d69-a978-ba4d696e46e4
We Heart Parties
East Coast Mommy
East Coast Mommy
Catch My Party
Life As I Know It
Life As I Know It

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