Fun-Filled Summer

Summer is officially here in our house! Having a little one makes my life SO much more interesting. I have an excuse to do all the fun things I want to do but am “too old” to get away with doing on my own (run around a splash pad for instance). And this year, I love it even more because little man old enough that we can have some serious family fun! He is walking and climbing all over the place. So, this year I’m taking a proactive approach and making a loose plan for our weekdays this summer!

Mother’s Niche

With any plans I create I allow flexibility but I have planned for certain days of the week to be focused on something. For instance I was inspired by Mothers Niche, Raising Seraphim, Kayse Pratt’s summer bucket lists that included  ‘Make Something Monday’ or ‘What’s Cooking Wednesday?’ ideas.

Week at a Glance - Summer
Raising Seraphim

Maybe it is the planner in me but I find that the days I don’t have some sort of schedule mapped out are days that the television is on more than usual. I want to get my little one outside exploring, being creative, and moving.

Kayse Pratt

I choose activities that are free or pretty dang close. There are even day trips planned throughout the summer. Some are within the same town. The point is to get us out of the house and experiencing new things.

Some of my top picks this summer are free movies at Liberty Theater, the  Wilkes County Public Library, the zoo, and the YMCA. These places have so many activities for children. If you are having creativity block for fun-filled summers check out Tools to Grow OR The Confident Mom for weeks and months worth of fun, educational fun for children of all ages. They include calendars, fun work sheets, and supply lists you need to keep the fun going all summer long!

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