Donut Bar

I’m going to be a little honest here…Thanks to my husband, I am a BIG fan of Geek & Sundry’s show Critical Role. The story line their characters play out is SO good but I always crave snacks when I watch it. It’s a problem…typically it is donuts.

To spare my waste line I decided to look up ideas for the perfect donut bar for a shower or wedding reception instead of going to the store and devouring a dozen to myself. There are is an endless array of donut styles other than a classic glazed. I even found some with cereal toppings!

With that here are some beautifully put together donut displays for showers, birthdays, and weddings.

Donut Favor Bag
My Wedding
Donut Favor Bag
Swanky Press
Center Cut Cook
How Does She
Pink Peppermint Designs
Wedding Chicks
Donut Bar
The Little Duck Wife

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