My first 2016 wedding happened to be on Easter weekend. Coco and John were a lovely couple who found each other through a strong faith and love of music. They enlisted me for full planning, we toured several venues, searched through multiple party rentals  before finding the perfect fit for their special day. The wedding took place at Sanders Ridge Winery in Boonville, NC on March 26, 2016.

Their wedding incorporated French and Japanese elements to represent the heritage of bride and groom. The reception style was closer to the Ikebana style, Coco wanted the beauty of nature to provide simple, tasteful  centerpieces. Together we folded several origami cranes and candy boxes. The food included recipes passed down through the generations of the groom’s family. The chef at the onsite restaurant went above and beyond to ensure the menu included  the elements they wanted. It was delicious!

The brides family could not be present due to the distance so the entire ceremony and majority of the reception was live-streamed to them via smart phone and tablet.

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Vendors included were:
Photography: Angela Caldwell Photography
Chairs Rental: A & J Rental
Entertainment: David B. Oh
Catering: Hearth Restaurant at Sanders Ridge

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