Pokemon Party


My son turns TWO on Friday. (insert a few tear drops here!) I will share the details of his birthday, which was last weekend, later this week. Today I wanted to share a last minute party idea that I almost used for his theme…Pokemon. Have you heard of Pokemon GO yet? If not, I would like to know the secret because it is EVERYWHERE. Just about every business has added this new game to their marketing strategies. (I am waiting to see which travel company comes up with a Pokemon inspired vacation first..)

My son loves it and can name more Pokemon that I thought possible for such a little one. I already had a theme picked out, plus luckily I don’t see the infatuation with the game or show letting up anytime soon so we will save this party idea for next year.

I’ve rounded up some awesome Ash-approved Pokemon party ideas for your future Pokemon trainer. Go catch ’em all!

Pokemon Party Invite
Pokemon Birthday Banner
OHana Party Decor
Pierced By A Lance
pokemon birthday party
Wants & Wishes
Frog Prince Paperie
Maxabella Loves

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