Pizza Bar

pizza bar food station
Crazy For Us

Let’s face it other than an amazing dress and blissful bride and groom, there are just a few things that make a wedding truly exceptional. And it is no surprise that at the tip-top of the list is food and drinks! Pizza isn’t something I immediately think of when you think of wedding food, at least not until my friend threw that idea out last year during the planning stages of her own wedding. However, this tasty treat is quickly becoming a favorite wedding food station. Food stations allow guests to tailor servings to their needs, and puts an interactive spin on the wedding dining experience. Utilizing self-serve food stations brings a casual, relaxed vibe, encouraging guests to indulge when they are ready, rather than at an obligatory meal time.

pizza bar food station
Style Me Pretty

Luckily, pizza won’t cost you billions to feed your wedding guests. For an affordable wedding buffet that will feed large amounts of people, I encourage you to consider this pizza bar idea. Choose traditional favorites like margarita and pepperoni or choose more unusual gourmet pairings to truly impress your guests. Another idea is to let your guests have fun picking their own toppings. Wedding pizza trucks are perfect for ensuring you get the best authentic Italian style wood-fired pizza cooked to perfection so check out Giadas Trattoria.

One Fab Day
Linen Tablecloth

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