Wedding Nightmares

Have you ever attended a wedding where nothing seemed to go as planned? Mother nature decides to unleash her fury in the form of intense wind and rain storms or depositing feet of snow in a few hours, vendors get lost, an heirloom breaks…the list can go on. When you are a coordinator and planner you expect the worse can happen and learn to roll with it creating the most positive spin possible to keep the couple, their parents, and their guests happy. I’ve not only been a guest to such weddings and social gatherings, but I have coordinated them! In the spirit of Halloween (and all things spooky), I have decided to share my own spooky wedding tale as well as bring to light some other horrors that have happened.

I had a wedding this year that included an outdoor ceremony and reception. A lovely, rustic backyard wedding. As the couple and I met two weeks prior, the weather called for rain but they had a tent so we were not worried. Fast forward to wedding day… My assistants and I arrive that morning to set up. No rain clouds in sight. PERFECT! As the start time crept closer and closer, the sky darkened and the hope of the rain passing by us vanished. The wind picked up and the rain fell so hard the power went out. For nearly 2 hours the power was out. The bride finished getting ready by candlelight. “Before” pictures we postponed. The wind blew her parents cake topper from their wedding off the cake and it broke. It stopped raining long enough to have the ceremony and luck would have it the grooms father brought a generator so the DJ was able to play music.

While the couple and their newly formed families went to the front yard, I took a moment to check the weather. Secretly praying that the rain was done and over with. No. No it was not. There was another nasty, dark storm following the first. This one was bothered me more than the first. The power didn’t go out but it caused some flooding concerns. The backyard ended into a lake that started to creep up. There were two tents for guests and food creating  a curtain of water separating the two. The cake was at risk of being blown over or melted from the downpour.

This is why a coordinator is helpful! To handle the ugly stuff so you and your new bride/groom can enjoy the pretty. One assistant held an umbrella to create a divide for the guests to walk through, I shielded the cake and repaired the broken cake topper. My other assistant helped the other vendors protect their items from the rain, bring guests new refreshments, etc. When the rain finally subsided, the real fun began of dancing, cake cutting, and speeches. Overall it went well, just a few bumps. The couple was truly amazing and didn’t let it dampen their special day.

Onto other nightmare events I pray I don’t witness in person….

Courtesy of Buzzfeed: “I was at a wedding where the officiant did not show up. It was a Friday evening; he forgot and went fishing instead. We all went to the reception without the marriage actually happening. After dinner, someone found a judge to do the ceremony, so the whole wedding party walked down the street to a nearby outdoor gazebo and the bride and groom got married, then walked back and continued the reception.” —Randi Klag Mieyal, Facebook

Courtesy of A Practical Wedding: “A couple years ago two good friends got married by a lake in a national park. It was a whole weekend event at a place where everyone was staying on-site in cabins. We all spent the morning of the wedding hiking, canoeing, etc., and returned in the afternoon to get ready for the ceremony only to find that the parks service had shut off the water (don’t know why… to fix something I guess?). So there were no flushing toilets, running sinks, or functioning showers. The bridal party had already showered that morning and headed into the nearest town for their hair appointments, but the rest of us were sweaty, dirty, and thirsty. The facility had water bottles on hand, and a few staff members used their personal water filters to filter lake water for drinking. And we all “showered” in the lake! It was all pretty hilarious and it’s honestly one of my favorite memories. Not a disaster, just an adventure!”

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