Take A Hike

I could happily argue that a marriage proposal on top of a mountain is one of the best ways someone can propose. After all, the endorfins are kicking in and you are making her feel like she is on top of the world by asking her to marry you elevating her higher by being on a mountain.

hiking proposal
How He Asked

There are several different ways you can plan this unique, fun proposal idea. Naturally, you will need to find a mountain to climb or hike up. Luckily, North Carolina is home to some breathtaking mountains. In most cases, you can choose a mountain that is closest to you. My best piece of advice is to try to find a trail that is not accessible by car so you won’t be bothered by additional noises or possible unwanted interruption by other people also enjoying a hike.

Let’s Live Love Laugh

Plan the hike with her. Keep it light like it is an ordinary day, spending time together, doing something you both enjoy. Hopefully you can get away with carrying a backpack to reduce any risk of losing the ring before getting to your chosen spot.

hiking proposal
How He Asked

I am always a fan of having another friend scout ahead to hide and take pictures of the proposal. Take a look at some of these hiking proposals I found for more inspiration.

Happy asking!!

Let’s Live Love Laugh

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