Guest Book Alternatives

A wedding guest book is a memento from your wedding day. It’s a record of messages and sentiments from all the friends and family who attended your wedding wishing you happiness and endless joy for your marriage. Although a traditional guest book is a nice keepsake, there are many creative alternatives that provide an interactive activity for your guests to partake in and add more personal touches to your special day.

A unique guestbook can also be a sentimental keepsake that you two use or display long after your wedding day. Ideas could be a collection of corks for the wine enthusiasts, a surfboard for the beach bums or a game board for the table top enthusiast.

If you and your partner are table top game lovers, what better way to commemorate your wedding day than with a Jenga or Scrabble themed guest book? A couple I worked with earlier this year did this and it was a big hit with everyone! Have your guests sign individual Jenga blocks so that you can put together your own custom Jenga set. You’ll be reminded of all the lovely sentiments your guests shared on your wedding day every time you play the game.

Bride Box

Bring out your inner child by having a piñata as your guest book! Your guests will each write a message and insert it into the piñata, which you’ll smash open either later that night to end the reception or on your one year anniversary.



Need ideas? See what fun keepsakes I found!

Engraved Wooden Gifts
The Knot
The Sonnet House

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