Planning a Reunion

So, you are wanting to learn how to plan a reunion or learn how others tips and tricks to better plan your reunions. I always like to begin with some sort of checklist. With that in mind, head over to Reunions Magazine for their detailed reunion timetable.

Notice Reunion Magazine’s very first suggestion is to determine who is interested. Most likely a majority of those you ask will want to have a reunion. Start there! Don’t get overwhelmed with a long agenda, begin by simply seeking interest. Start locally then as word spreads family from longer distances will want to make the trip year after year.

This should go without saying, however, social media can be your best tool to reach local and non-local family members. Lately just about everyone has a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page. If you have family members who do not use social media, use the phone portion of your smartphone.

If this is your first time planning a reunion please, for your sake and the other attendees, keep it simple! Check dates and attempt to choose something that will accommodate everyone; perhaps a holiday or weekend leading to a holiday. Most people are off on summer holidays and kids are not in school. If a weekend sounds like too much to handle right away, one day at a park is a great way to build your planning confidence for any size reunion.

Choose a location that has activities for adults and children. Make sure there is ample parking, restrooms, pavilions or other indoor areas in case of inclement weather, and wheelchair accessible, if needed. Another option for a family reunion is a dinner cruise. Buffet lunch and dinner cruises are available with group discounts.

What about cost? I saved this one for last although I am sure it was the first thing on your mind. What amount will each family or individual be asked to contribute? Will this be enough to cover food, t-shirts, etc? Or will each family be asked to prepare a dish to share during the family gathering. Set up a PayPal account, checking account dedicated to the reunion or some other online account to accept credit card and debit/checking.

Now is the time to announce your family reunion plans and invite your family members. Remember to be patient, the holiday season just ended. Give them time to get back to a schedule.

Happy planning!

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