Reflection and Goal Setting

Oh, 2016 has been one of the toughest years I have faced yet. At least personally. My husband and I suffered through two consecutive miscarriages. With no medical reason why it happened. Just a case of bad luck. Fortunately I married someone who is my rock and strengthened me during those times, and have friends and family who opened their ears and hearts when random emotional outbursts occurred.


Professionally, I think my first full year open for business went better than expected. While I did not fully meet my goals from earlier this year I did make significant progress in other areas. My plan was to have 10 social events completed and grow my social media outreach. I successfully coordinated 6 events and landed my first event rentals delivery/pick up. I was able to tour some amazing venues throughout Winston-Salem, Boone, and Wilkesboro. My party rentals inventory exploded…my poor house cannot hold anything else. I participated in my first wedding show and quickly saw a return for this upcoming year.

My word to focus on during 2016 was GROWTH. I truly believe I did that both professionally and personally. My social event planning business did make progress. Through those rough patches this year, I personally was able to grow as a better mother, wife, friend, sister, and daughter.

The Entrepreneuress Alliance
The Entrepreneuress Alliance

With 2017 just days away, my new word to focus on is INTENTIONAL. I want to use the momentum of this years growth and give it more purpose. As A Lark Creation continues to grow, I want to put more conscious thoughts towards marketing my day of planning/coordination and bridesmaid packages. I want to be able to be more intentional about where “the money goes” and be able to purchase better storage solutions for my party rentals. With every new contract, I want a percentage of the money to go towards a charity to make the world a better place.

Peacefully Imperfect

With my family in mind, I want to be more intentional in motherhood. Speaking kindly, teaching by example and consistently showing kindness to those around me. I want my efforts in 2017 to strengthen my local community. I wish to be more deliberate in growing my testimony and willful to share the light of Christ.

What do you have planned for 2017?

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