Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is not just about taking beautiful images, it is also knowing how to make YOU feel beautiful. As you plan your wedding, or after you get married and the children or other adult stresses come, how often have you take time for yourself? Away from the cute munchkins that call you “mom” and away from the housework, and away from all the busyness that we have as women?  Rarely. Here is my boudoir photo shoot from EIGHT years ago. That is the last time I truly let my hair down long enough to get pampered. I am long overdue!

With that in mind,I want to talk about the amazing Christie owner of Created Wonderfully Boudoir. Located in Mt. Airy, NC and a new studio in High Point she easily serves ladies within the Triad.  I met her at the last wedding show I participated in. She is a delight! Christie makes it her priority to guide each girl every step of the way making sure they feel comfortable and confident.

Created Wonderfully Boudoir
Created Wonderfully Boudoir

At Created Wonderfully Boudoir, for a fun few hours you get to be pampered and encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone in a safe, non judgmental, all female environment. Most women will naturally be nervous but Christie is confident the nerves will disappear fast and you won’t believe how much fun you’re having! Christie loves to empower women to feel as beautiful as they really are. After your session, you’ll get to come back in a week or two (usually sooner) to see and purchase the images you love.

Worried about what to wear? It’s important to communicate with your photographer prior to your shoot regarding your personal style to bring the concept of the shoot to life. Styling the shoot positively contributes to the overall feel and imagery of your photos. Here are some beautiful pieces I found from Modcloth.

Underpinnings Slip Corselet in White
Smooth Waist Corselet in Pearl
Live and Allure Nightgown and Panties Set
Made for Morn Bralette
Dearest Dreams Bralette in Dusty Rose
Daydream High Waist Panties-Red
Daydream Journaling Bralette in Black
Chic Highly of You Contouring Bodysuit
Boudoir Beauty Camisole
Daydream Journaling Mid-Rise Panties and Camisole in Ivory

In addition to attire and styling your shoot, posing is another vital element of your photographs. For a fun “guide” on different poses to try, check out BuzzFeed‘s article on sexy boudoir photo poses. By posing properly, it increases your chances of ignoring  flaws and also minimizes the need for extra post editing work. Christie’s aim is to create the most flattering shapes for her clients so anyone viewing can feel an intimate connection with the photographs.

Created Wonderfully Boudoir
Created Wonderfully Boudoir

These boudoir style photo shoots are perfect for Valentine’s Day, wedding gifts for the groom, or even for a unique maternity shoot. Don’t put it off anymore! Email Christie to book your boudoir session today at

I monetize some of the links on my site. If you click on the link and make a purchase, A Lark Creation may receive a commission. A Lark Creation only links to products and services that will add value to it’s audience. All opinions are my own.


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