Should You Honeymoon?

Does it really matter when you take your honeymoon? Whether it is immediately following your ceremony or later, does it make a difference?

Time away from work and wedding planning and family craziness with the person you love most in the world sounds amazing! The only problem is, some couples have no idea where to start or how to plan it. If you are not careful your honeymoon could end up costing thousands of dollars.

Now you are pondering, “Is it possible to have a relaxing, interesting getaway with a new spouse for less than $2,000?”

The answer…it is completely possible! For starters, avoid anyone who ever makes snippy remarks regarding your budget. Then plan to something, anything you and your spouse enjoy doing together.

Most people will tell you to wait, to pay off some things, to save for a house and just “go on honeymoon later.” Keep in mind a honeymoon is only a honeymoon if it happens immediately following your wedding. If it happens long after the wedding, it turns out to be an awesome vacation. Not to begrudge anyone a really nice vacation. It’s just different. My husband and I took a really nice vacation. There’s a reason the honeymoon comes right after getting wed. All of that stress from planning a wedding and dealing with merging families, then your grand amazing party, and waves of emotions throughout the entire process beckons  a good breather with your partner.

It’s altogether too easy to say, “When we have more money.” But more often than not, that day doesn’t happen for quite a long while. Life happens and it gets expensive making it difficult to save fast enough to take that grand honeymoon you deserve. A person can be discerning, responsible, frugal and still, you know, live right now rather than waiting until some unforeseen date in the future. 

I understand that for some people, the stomach-churning over the expense of a trip in light of bills and debt will outweigh any vacation bliss. (I married this type of person) But, there’s no need to go on some lavish getaway in order to enjoy that special little honeymoon cloud.

One of my favorite “vacations”is to be a tourist in your own city. Stay at a hotel in our own city. Affordable, close, but still away from the stresses of everyday life. Making it a special getaway with your spouse.

Groupon Getaways
Groupon Getaways

I am a big fan of Groupon. They have a whole section dedicated to travel deals. Groupon Getaways, as they are known, can range from one night in a hotel near your home to a multi-week package holiday to Europe or Asia including airfare. I regularly scan this site for amazing vacation ideas.


Refinery29 has put together a list of destinations for couples looking to plan a honeymoon on a smaller budget.


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