Can’t Fit Wedding Planning Into Your Packed Schedule?

Have you ever thought it would be a grand idea to be in school, have a job, and get married all in the same short time span? In addition to maintaining your life as close to normal as possible. Take a moment to imagine your calendar during this time, can you see all the color-coding and multi-tiered organizing. Can you do it… and more importantly enjoy it? YES, it can be done, however, why on Earth do you feel the need to do it all alone without a little outside help? Know that you are not alone; lots of couples plan weddings at the same time that they are in school or moving across the country or building a business from scratch. Some of these weddings are even planned in three weeks, six weeksfour months; I planned my wedding in less than 6 weeks. But there are engagements that are a year or longer, it is up to you and your fiance.

Wedding Pro Courses

You can do it, but I’d recommend that you first and foremost get enough sleep. Share a Google calendar with your spouse to keep you both on the same page. Hire wedding planner.

Another suggestion is to do your best to abandon perfection. Apply this logic to school, work, and the wedding during the weeks/months you are planning your dream wedding. Once a decision is made, don’t second guess it or look at any more options in that department, smile and move on. Allow your wedding planner to help by keeping several options narrowed down to two or three vendors from the get-go.

When you look back on the planning stages of your wedding I hope you are able to smile and recall enjoyable moments instead of a tiresome one. I used my resources to the best of my abilities, and can honestly say when I look back on my wedding planning process I overall enjoyed it. Which made my wedding day all the more special to my husband, myself, and our guests.

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