Need Bridesmaids?

Would you describe yourself as a “man’s woman” or a step further a “tomboy”? Do you love makeup and glitter and shoes and all things girly, just don’t like other girls? Growing up with very few female friends myself, when I was planning my bridal party selections, it was slim pickings. Luckily, I have two amazing sisters giving me a smaller “quota” to fill to match my husband-to-be’s side.

Growing up, I struggled very hard with building and maintaining female friendships, and it’s something that I still struggle with as an adult. My main female friendships are the same friendships I formed in my youth.

Being forced to single out your closest friends can be a weird thing.As you attempt to construct your wedding party, are you only able to come up with one woman (or none close enough at all) you would consider close enough to call a bridesmaid? You’re not the only bride to have faced this bridal party issue, despite what you see in photos. The picture-perfect wedding with an evenly divided bridal party doesn’t leave room for the many different kinds of people we are, the different kinds of relationships we have, and the different life stages we’re in when we marry.

I am here to help! I love weddings and have a wonderful, affordable Bridesmaid-for-Hire package

Many weddings happen right around transitional points in our lives, when some of us are moving, graduating from school, changing careers, or other life-filled moments. If you find yourself in one of these transitional phases and don’t have many friends, picking a bridal party can emphasize that point in an uncomfortable way. Or, if your current friendships don’t match the “best friends for life” model, it can feel awkward picking who you’re closest to, especially if you’re unsure if the feeling of closeness is mutual.

Let me reassure you, it’s totally normal. Many brides don’t have a classic bridal party that fits this “best friends for life” ideal, and it doesn’t mean you’re lacking in some way. Your wedding isn’t supposed to measure up to some imagined ideal; it’s supposed to reflect YOU right now in this moment of your life. Right at this moment, you don’t have a ton of gal pals. And that is okay!

Hiring a bridesmaid doesn’t have to mean you’re renting a friend for one day. When you book me, I’ll be there for you throughout your entire wedding adventure, from dress shopping to luncheons, helping you manage the chaos and your to-do list. First things first, we’ll have a stress-free meet and greet session, where we’ll chat about all of your wedding plans; the areas where you believe help is needed and break the ice before you decide to let me into your wedding life. Naturally, I’ll also be there for you on the day of the wedding, walking down the aisle, standing beside you at the altar, bringing peace to the wedding party as your professional bridesmaid.


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