Keep Guests Cool

Summer weddings can get hot and uncomfortable, fast. Nothing’s worse than an uncomfortable wedding ceremony when guests are sweltering in the sunshine! You want your guests to be able to focus on the vows, not just wait for them to be over to find some shade. So it’s important to try and keep them cool during the summer heat. Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather, no matter how hard you try, but you can outsmart it. Here are some ideas that they will definitely thank you for!



Your guests will feel high class using fancy umbrellas to keep cool. Buy ones that match your theme for better pictures! These stylish and useful accessories work well for any outdoor wedding.



Don’t get yourself or your loved ones burned on your big day. Make sure you leave out plenty of sunscreen in various areas to protect everyone you hold dear.

Honestly Yum

One-of-a-Kind Cocktails

Check out these spiked snow cones! Guests will enjoy these frozen treats after a sweltering wedding ceremony in a beach or rustic setting. They can be served in simple snow cone cups, which is a real budget-saver.

Pop Sugar

Or some other delicious cold refreshments: Keep cold water bottles and lemonade in ice buckets, so guests can get hydrated before and after the ceremony.  Add personalized messages on each bottle for a special touch. Try creating your own cocktail (or mocktails) for a fun twist.

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